Episode 6: Recorded 21st May 2020

Welcome to Episode 6 of THE SUITE SERIES: Leading from Lockdown, the final instalment of this series. We are delighted to introduce our guests today.


Natasha Eldred runs Shine PR from her base in Phuket, Thailand, working with luxury hotels and travel companies, primarily in South East Asia and has first-hand insight into the South East Asian experience during this crisis.

Stacey Fleming has vast experience in hotel sales, marketing, operations and strategy and recently joined Highland Coast Hotels as Director of Operations.


Andrew Kennedy returns to THE SUITE SERIES after appearing in Episode 1. Andrew is a Senior Manager in Franchise Owner Support for Marriott's European operations based in Germany. 


Kieran Smith Director of Sales at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants based in Edinburgh.


Dr Saloomeh Tabari is a lecturer in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing in the Department of Hospitality Management at Sheffield Hallam University.


In this episode we are asking our guests about the impact of Covid-19 on International Travel, how the future of airlines might affect recovery and how hospitality may have to change. We also discuss mental well-being to mark World Mental Health Awareness Week. 

  • (3.56) What have been your biggest challenges in the past two months, and how have you been overcoming them?

  • (23.25) Airlines, like so many industries, are continuing to debate the feasibility of their operations in an era of social distancing. How is International travel going to need to change and how reliant are we on the role of airlines in the recovery of travel & hospitality. 

  • (48.15) In previous episodes we have spoken of the “big reset”. Customer expectations and social distancing will change the way we interact with each other. How will we define hospitality in this new era and what changes are most likely to stay for the long term.

  • (56.30) This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and with so many outside pressures at this time, how have you been looking after your own mental well-being and/or seen any interesting initiatives to focus on mental health and well-being at this time?