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Maasai entrepreneur launches Zafarie, a Maasai owned and operated safari experience, following a gofundme campaign












Halo is delighted to share the story of the launch of Zafarie, one of the few independent safari experiences that is solely owned and operated by a Maasai.  Fellow entrepreneur, Justus Moitalel, is a Maasai, born and raised in a Maasai village in Kenya and knows the Maasai Mara Reserve innately, having worked as a guide for over 10 years; his tribe roaming the land for centuries. With help from former clients and friends, through a gofundme campaign, Justus now runs his own safari business, Zafarie, offering personalised tours in the Maasai Mara Reserve and Amboseli in Kenya.

Whilst many tours use Maasai guides because of their intrinsic knowledge of wildlife and the land, Zafarie is a rare example of putting safari ownership back in the hands of local guides, further supporting communities and conservation efforts. Zafarie evokes the changing mood in Kenya to drive a new form of responsible tourism and conservation.  Zafaire also gives 10% of every safari to a non-profit organisation working in Africa. 

“Becoming an entrepreneur has empowered me to become a stakeholder in my country’s future. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of this ancient ecosystem and preserving it for future generations.” says Justus.   He adds, “In my previous roles as a guide, I was only able to see my four children once or twice every month but since owning my own business, I now do what I love and see my young family regularly.”

Zafarie offers tours year-round, with different highlights depending on the season. From seeing young wildlife in the spring, to the famous migrations in the summer, there is always the opportunity to experience an abundance of majestic animals in their natural habitat. For more information, view the full Zafarie press release, visit or on Facebook. 

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Images kindly supplied by Zafarie.

Zafarie Entrepreneur Justus Moitalel
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